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Chiropractic is not a religion yet I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone say that they don’t “believe” in chiropractic. I got that response today which prompted me to write this note.

Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science and Art. It’s not a belief system. Chiropractic works whether you believe in it or not. It certainly makes it a whole lot easier if you believe that the body is capable of healing itself and that a chiropractic adjustment is design to remove interference so healing can take place.

I have those signs in my office to show people that healing doesn’t come from the adjustment or me. Healing comes from GOD. I never take credit when someone leaves my office thanking me for getting them out of pain and having their life back. My answer is always to point to that sign and say that you always had it you. I’m simply the facilitator through which HE works.

Now what I’m about to say next might be a little controversial within my profession. Not because of the content but rather my interpretation of it. While I love all my Chiropractic principles, the following are what I use as a beacon in my office.  

No. 1 The Major Premise. It states that there’s a universal intelligence in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

No. 2 The Expression of this intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of life.

Let’s jump to #20 and 21

No. 20 Innate Intelligence. A “living thing” has an inborn intelligence within its body, called Innate Intelligence.

No 21 The mission of innate intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a “living Thing” in active organization.

Here’s the way I interpret those principles. The opinion expressed are solely my opinion and doesn’t not represent the entire chiropractic profession, specifically those that believes that God has no business in chiropractic.

You see as a Christian, those principles are made clear to me in Genesis chapter 1. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. That’s principle No 1. Universal intelligence is God. God created everything that we are surrounded with. He is represented in all that you see and don’t see. He is universal and He’s maintaining everything is existence. Without God, everything ceases.

After God created Adam from the dust on the ground, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living being. So Innate intelligence is simply the breath of God within us. Which is why you take your last breath when you die. The difference between living and dying is simply the breath of God residing in you or not. You see for me, Chiropractic is simple. Chiropractic is design to restore the commutation between Innate Intelligence and Universal Intelligence.

When there’s a disconnection between the two, we call that a subluxation. Luxation means light and sub means less. Subluxation means less than light. I believe that the biggest subluxation lies in the Chiropractor rather than the patient lying on your table. I say that because when a chiropractor himself does not live the chiropractic lifestyle nor understand the principles that are at work; it is hard for him to be a facilitator that God can use to increase the “light” in the patient.

It is for that reason that I believe a chiropractor must believe in chiropractic. A patient doesn’t necessarily have to. Chiropractic again is not a religion. Religions kill people. Having a personal relationship with God, allows you to overcome any subluxation that might be present in the patient. I notice that people gets better in my office not because of my great skills but simply because I submit myself to allow He that created us to do is magic through me.


When I’m connected to the source, Miracles happen. When I’m disconnected, no matter what my equipments show, patients doesn't seem to get the result that they or I desire.

I know I started this note by saying that chiropractic is not a religion but all I talked about is the connection between God and Chiropractic. Let me conclude by saying, whether you believe in God or not, He still exist. He is all around us. Every breath that you take can be your very last. So much bigger than a chiropractor adjustment to remove interference, make sure you remove your spiritual subluxation.

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