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Is Some Exercise Better Than Others For Preventing Or Slowing Down Osteoporosis?

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Go for a walk. A walk is a successful, osteoporosis-resistant workout. 


Believe it or not, studies have found only a very nominal difference in the bone density between marathon runners and people who are walkers. So speed and force don’t make as much of a difference as do consistency and covering some distance. 

Weight-bearing exercises, basically walking and weight training, are recommended. Pool exercises are very popular right now, but they don’t do much for bone density, because of the buoyancy. 

Bone cells are very responsive to gravity. That’s why astronauts tend to get a significant amount of osteopenia (reduction in bone density) during prolonged space travel. 

Also, bed-ridden or very sedentary patients tend to acquire a negative calcium balance and begin losing bone density. 

Even a healthy young person who becomes confined to a hospital bed for just a couple of weeks can actually lose a significant amount of calcium in just that short period of time. 

Getting a nice workout to resist osteoporosis doesn’t take a lot of equipment. Just go for a walk on a regular basis.

So get out there and start moving. Remember the key word is consistency. Create a regiment where you are walking at least 5 days a week. Increase the distance and pace, as you get stronger and fitter. 

Get a postural check up. Nothing worst than exercising when your frame is all bend out of shape. It’s like driving a car that’s not aligned. You know what does to the tires. Well if you spine is not aligned properly and you have improper posture, the same faith awaits your disc as the tired. They will blow out. 

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