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Is your M.D. Leading You to an Early Death?

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How often does your doctor tell you to get a check-up for your health?

1 time per year!

Doctors tell us in order to maintain our health; we should have a check up one time per year. What is the purpose of these check-ups? They are checking you for disease that has already built up. Is this health care or sick care?

It’s sick care!

Medicine is early detection of disease that has already begun to form in your body; it’s not health care. Because of this type of thinking, America has on of the highest death rate and is one of the sickest countries in the world, according to the Oxford University Press, 1998. A child born in the United States is more likely to be sick and die than in any other country studied. Either move or learn how to raise a healthy family before it’s too late!

In order to get sick your immune system weakens. In order to get healthy the immune system has to get stronger. Every medication lowers the immune System. How can we expect to be healthy with one sick care check-up per year and medications that lower our immune system? We can’t! Medicine is not healthcare it’s sick care.

Health is when your body is functioning at 100%. Your brain, spinal cord and nerves control every function in your body. A Chiropractic check-up and an adjustment allows the brain to communicate with the body, raising the immune system and allowing the body to heal from anything!

According to Ronald Pero, PhD, New York University Medical Research, Chiropractic maintenance patients have immune systems that are 200 times stronger that people who are not under Chiropractic care.

You get yearly check-ups with your M.D. and pediatrician, or you can get regular Chiropractic check-ups, so you and your family can express 100% of your God given potential. The choice is up to you!

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