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Body Balance

Why Do We Need Body Balance?

Why does a car need to be aligned? Why is it that architects and contractors go to great lengths to make sure a building is plumb and that it has a level foundation? In both cases the alignment, or BALANCE, is essential to the "health," or longevity of the car and building. Can a car run without being aligned? Of course, but one or two of the tires then take more stress from the road and their tread wears out more quickly than the others. Will a building stand without being balanced? Of course, but over time without a level foundation certain walls will crack and eventually the building will fall.

So then, why do we as people need balance? Unlike the car and building we are living creatures, but we are still under the same physical stresses as they are. When the body's core, the spine, is not balanced, then the weight of the body is unequally distributed to certain parts of the body making them wear out prematurely. In the short term, you may have pain, tension, or dysfunction. Over time, prolonged body imbalance can cause joint degeneration, fatigue, disc problems, nerve conditions, or chronic pain. Look at the picture below and then take a look at yourself in the mirror to see if you have any of these warning signs of body imbalance!



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