NUCCA- Allowing The Body To Heal With Proper Alignment
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NUCCA- Allowing The Body To Heal With Proper Alignment


Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre has a profoundly intimate perspective on the effectiveness of NUCCA, the highly specialized form of chiropractic care practiced at the Upper Cervical Institute of Florida in Boca Raton. Dr. Jean-Pierre is not just one of only 250 NUCCA practitioners worldwide, but he has also experienced the power of NUCCA first hand.

As a migraine sufferer for many years, Dr. Jean-Pierre was treated with the NUCCA chiropractic procedure and discovered the astonishing healing power of this gentle procedure for himself. Immediately after his first adjustment, he felt relief. Following the first complete month of care, he was migraine-free.

Highly effective, painless and cost-efficient, NUCCA is a very gentle adjustment to the first (C1) vertebra in the back, commonly referred to as the Atlas. The adjustment is done without popping, twisting or cracking.

“When the head, which can weigh up to 14 pounds, is out of alignment, it can put tremendous pressure on the nerves which run from the brain, through the openings in the Atlas, to the rest of the body,” explains Dr. Jean-Pierre. “The twisting can cause a range of health issues, from migraines and herniated discs, to dizziness, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, chronic neck and back pain and many others. NUCCA is a highly precise and gentle procedure designed to correct the misalignment.”

Falls, whiplash type accidents, or a twist of the neck can all result in the head and neck going off center. By gently adjusting the Atlas, the entire spine and pelvis can return to normal. This must be done before spinal balance can be attained. Unless the head and neck are returned to their normal positions, you may never really have a complete recovery with long-term results.

The procedure’s name is derived from the acronym for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and its principles were developed by two engineers making their second careers as chiropractors in the 1940s. Today, NUCCA is a group of chiropractic doctors who concentrate on returning the head, neck, spine and pelvis to its proper, upright and stable position, thus, allowing the body to properly heal.

In seeking help, most people will first try more conservative approaches like bed rest. If that doesn’t work then more invasive options like drugs, injections, and even surgery become options if they have not obtained the relief they need. NUCCA is a conservative and effective alternative to conventional treatments.

As Boca Raton’s sole NUCCA practitioner, Dr. Jean-Pierre uses an assortment of diagnostic tools to assess the misalignment and determine a course of treatment. Included among them are the CLA Insight Millennium Subluxation Station. The Insight technology is SPACE Foundation Certified, used by NASA, and is in the locker rooms for athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA. The tests are pain free, non-invasive and provide Dr. Jean-Pierre with insight into how your nervous system is functioning. He also uses Precision Laser-Aligned Digital X-Ray which enables him to calculate the location and extent of the misalignment with great accuracy.

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