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The NUCCA Difference

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The NUCCA procedure utilized at Upper Cervical Institute of Florida places great importance on correcting the cause of body imbalance rather than just treating your symptoms. NUCCA care emphasizes spinal correction and stability for long term results.




The misalignment of the atlas vertebra is a major cause of body imbalance.

Precise x-rays are taken in all three dimensions to determine exactly how the atlas has misaligned and therefore the correction angle necessary to realign it.

Every patient has a different history of accidents and injuries, and so each case is approached as a new and unique puzzle to solve.

Great care is taken when analyzing your x-rays to ensure accurate measurements. Calculations are performed based on math and physics.

For the adjustment, patients lie on their side as though they are napping without turning their head or back. Repositioning the atlas is done by hand. It is extremely gentle and feels like a soft massage on the side of the upper neck.

As the atlas is repositioned, the skull, spine, and pelvis are restored to their proper position as well.

Post measurements are performed immediately after the correction to assure that the atlas is repositioning well and that body balance is being restored.


8 Differences of NUCCA Care

  • Gentler approach
  • Fewer visits
  • Less expensive over time
  • No twisting or popping
  • Measurable results
  • Achieves spinal stability
  • Precision, precision, precision
  • Proven by research

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