8 Things You Should Know Before Attending Your NUCCA Exam and Adjustment

NUCCA chiropractic care is an alternative to the traditional chiropractor. Unlike other types of back pain treatments, NUCCA treatment does not focus on adjusting the spine in order to relieve pressure. Instead, it focuses on correcting misalignments in your upper neck and skull that are causing your symptoms. This article will provide 8 things you should know before attending a NUCCA exam and adjustment with Dr. Jean-Pierre in Boca Raton!

1.- What’s a NUCCA Adjustment?

A NUCCA adjustment is a painless procedure that helps to correct misalignments in your upper neck and skull. This type of chiropractic care is focalized and can help with many different conditions, such as: headaches, sinus problems, vertigo, neck pain, and more!

Your upper neck and skull are home to the brainstem which is the control center of the Nervous System. When this system is misaligned or not functioning properly, you can experience many different symptoms in your body that affect how well you function.

One example of this would be vertigo and dizziness, which occurs when there is pressure on one side of the brain. However, this condition is not caused by a lack of balance training or exercise. Instead, it’s typically due to compression on the cranial nerves in the upper neck and skull.

NUCCA chiropractic care can help with these symptoms because it helps take pressure off your Nervous System so that everything functions properly!

2.- You will get X-Rays

X-Rays are the first thing that will be taken during your appointment. This is because the NUCCA chiropractor needs to see how your spine is misaligned in order to provide you with the best possible care. NUCCA chiropractors don’t guess, they test. 

The X-Rays help to show the misalignments and subluxations in your upper neck and skull so that they can be corrected. They are very focalized and especially measured, so that the chiropractor can make very precise adjustments.

Don’t worry, the X-Rays are not dangerous and they will help to ensure that you receive the best possible care!

3.- Difference between a normal chiropractor and NUCCA

A normal chiropractic adjustment can involve popping, cracking, twisting or an uncomfortable adjustment. NUCCA chiropractic care is different because it involves a gentle adjustment of the upper neck and skull, which only takes about 20 seconds to complete.

This type of chiropractic treatment does not include any popping or cracking sounds, meaning that you will be pain-free throughout your adjustment!

NUCCA is different since it’s focalized and can help with many different types of problems.

This type of chiropractic care is also easily accessible, as it doesn’t require any high-impact exercises or workouts to promote healing. Instead, NUCCA adjusts your upper neck and skull in order to restore balance to the nervous system!

The gentle procedure is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional chiropractic care!

4.- It can treat many conditions

As mentioned before, NUCCA chiropractic care is focalized and can help with many different conditions. Some of these conditions include: headaches, sinus problems, vertigo, neck pain, and more!

Since the nerves in your upper neck and skull are responsible for so many functions in your body, it’s important to be adjusted and balanced to treat many things. Even mood disorders like mood swings and depression can be because of a misalignment in your atlas, easily treatable with NUCCA .

This type of chiropractic care can provide you with a holistic approach to your health, instead of just treating the symptoms.

NUCCA is not only focused on neck pain and headaches but also many other conditions that may be affecting how well you function!

5.- Your leg length will be measured

During your NUCCA exam, one of the first things that will be done is comparing both legs to make sure they are even. This may seem like an unnecessary step but it’s important because if one leg is slightly shorter than the other, this could affect how well your spine functions and misalignments can occur.

When you visit a NUCCA chiropractor, they will not only take X-Rays but also measure your legs to make sure that everything is even. This simple step can help the chiropractor provide you with better care by making small adjustments in order to align your spine!

Leg length discrepancy is a common condition that can be easily corrected with NUCCA care!

6.- It’s very safe

NUCCA adjustments are very safe! The chiropractor will only adjust your upper neck and skull, which is a very small area. This means that there is little risk for any type of injury or pain.

In fact, many people find relief after their first adjustment! If you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort, NUCCA may be the right choice for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

NUCCA adjustments are painless and very safe, providing you with relief after your first adjustment!

7.- Dr. Jean-Pierre is an amazing option

If you’re in the South Florida area, you have to visit Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre’s Upper Cervical Institute of Florida.

Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO.  He received his undergraduate degree from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL where he received a Bachelor of science in Sports Medicine Athletic Training. In addition, Dr. Jean-Pierre has 8 years of training in NUCCA Chiropractic through the internship in Chesapeake, VA and Residency in White Plains, NY. Dr. Jean-Pierre is also an active member of the NUCCA Association.

Dr. Jean-Pierre is passionate about delivering precise and effective care with the NUCCA Protocol. A migraine sufferer for 20 years, Dr. Jean-Pierre experienced first-hand the healing effects of NUCCA care. That is why he has dedicated himself to helping others heal naturally.

 8.- It’s very cost effective

In the long run, this type of treatment is very unexpensive. Chiropractors are not only trained to provide you with exercises and diet recommendations but also suggest many different products that can help support your health.

NUCCA care is very cost effective in the long run because it provides a holistic approach, instead of just treating the symptoms!

You might be able to stop taking pain medication and many other pills, while visiting many doctors that just treat symptoms instead of the underlying condition.

Upper Cervical Institute of Florida

If you’re looking for a NUCCA chiropractor near you, and looking in the Florida area, look no further. Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre is located in Boca Raton and can provide you with NUCCA Chiropractic care, which has helped many people relieve their pain.

Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre’s Upper Cervical Institute of Florida provides NUCCA chiropractic care for patients who are looking to improve the way they live and go through life daily!

Upper Cervical Institute of Florida is a mission-driven, office, practicing precise, gentle, proven and highly effective NUCCA Care. 

Dr. Gregory Jean Pierre truly cares about your health and wants to see you succeed in life!

Find it at 7301A W Palmetto Park Rd 304B, Boca Raton, FL 33433 and learn more about it here.

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