Athletic Performance & Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Athletes are no strangers to pain. And for athletes with back and neck pain, the game just isn’t worth playing anymore. That’s where Upper Cervical Chiropractic comes in! Contrary to popular belief that chiropractors only treat lower back problems, Upper Cervical Chiropractic helps many athletes get their game face on by alleviating pain in the upper spine which is often overlooked as a source of discomfort. It’s time to put your health first and consider visiting an Upper cervical specialist today!

What is upper cervical chiropractic care?

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a type of chiropractic treatment that focuses on the upper spine. It aims to restore movement in your spinal cord and ease discomfort in the first two vertebrae of the neck. These vertebrae are called the Atlas and Axis, named after a Greek mythological figure who held up Earth from the bottom of the ocean.

Shoulder pain and discomfort are often a result of misalignment in the upper spine. When misaligned, your Atlas and Axis may apply pressure to nerve roots at the brain stem and upper neck, causing pain and even illness!

Upper cervical chiropractic care works by alleviating this pressure through gentle adjustments to restore proper movement and alignment. The goal during treatment is to help chronic pain disappear and restore full functionality.

Upper cervical chiropractic has been shown in studies to reduce the incidence of concussions 

Upper cervical care has been shown to reduce the risk of concussions among athletes. In a study published by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, researchers found that high school football players who had regular chiropractic treatment were 50% less likely to sustain a concussion than those who went without treatment!

So, if you or your child plays sports and is looking for a way to decrease the risk of injury, it’s time to visit an upper cervical chiropractor today.

Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to improve athletic performance

Many athletes and coaches assume that chiropractic will weaken their muscles. However, this isn’t the case at all! NUCCA Chiropractic care has been proven to increase muscle strength and coordination while decreasing pain and fatigue levels. Your central nervous system functions are more efficient after a spinal cord adjustment, causing better communication between your brain and muscles. As you can see, this means much better athletic performance than before!

You’ll be able to focus on your game like never before, thanks to the incredible pain relief effects of upper cervical care, which in turn, helps you feel calm and collected.

Upper Chiropractor can help with injury prevention, rehabilitation, and post-injury care

Having a chiropractor within your team can not only provide extensive relief for injured players, but it can save everyone time and money in the long run! When you get to the root of the problem before an injury even happens, your entire team’s performance level will increase exponentially. Not to mention that regular chiropractic care is proven to have less impact in terms of lost days at work than over-the-counter pain medications.

Upper cervical care is unique in that each patient’s condition varies depending on their own physical makeup. If you play sports, then upper cervical care will help to improve coordination and reduce upper neck exposure to injuries. Upper cervical doctors are trained to examine your spine and nervous system to determine individual causes of injury.

Upper cervical doctors are athletes themselves. They understand the demands placed on the body while playing, watching, or coaching sports. This allows them to provide you with the best upper cervical chiropractor services in the world.

The upper cervical spine is often overlooked when it comes to care, but studies show that the upper cervical region may play an important role in athletic performance.

A chiropractor will be able to identify your individual needs for an active lifestyle

Upper cervical chiropractic care is targeted to help improve athletic performance and prevent injuries while playing sports. Chiropractors will use specialized techniques to help you stay active while getting the most out of every workout or game.

Before you even step on the field, an upper cervical chiropractor can conduct a thorough examination to identify any potential issues with your spine and nervous system, preventing upper neck injuries or widespread pain. When this region of the spine is misaligned, it can cause many health problems that affect how well you play sports.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a safe and natural way to improve athletic performance. NUCCA doctors can help with injury prevention, rehabilitation, and post-injury care. A chiropractor will be able to identify your individual needs for an active lifestyle. Consultations are completely free ( Please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time, as consultations are available!

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