Seizures and Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic (long-standing) brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures—excessive electrical activity in the brain that cause sudden changes in behavior. In a seizure, clusters of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain fire at a much faster rate than normal. The symptoms of seizures vary widely, depending on the part of the brain affected. Symptoms may range from muscle stiffening, twitching, jerking, shaking, and loss of consciousness, to a blank stare that may last only a few seconds. Some people with epilepsy may experience seizures only rarely; others may have hundreds of seizures a day. Although there are many known causes of epilepsy—including brain damage resulting from trauma, stroke, heart attack, infectious disease, drug abuse, or abnormal brain development­—sometimes the cause is unknown.


How NUCCA treatment can help


The type of epilepsy that has been proven to be most treatable by NUCCA care is that caused by trauma. In the case of direct head trauma, the atlas (or C-1) vertebra can misalign and cause compression of the brain stem. When this compression occurs, the neurons tend to fire faster—a process that may lead to a seizure.



NUCCA can help by correcting the spinal misalignments caused by trauma and removing compression of the brain stem and surrounding nerves. After nerve irritation has been removed, proper communication is restored between the brain and spinal cord, and the surrounding nerves. In many cases, patients with epilepsy see great improvements in their condition once the irritation to the nervous system is removed.

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